Listen to what our customers say…

“Our decision to build a new residence arose out of necessity after a particularly nasty lightning bolt decided to target our existing home.  The house was a total loss.  After making the decision to rebuild on the same lot, we researched and interviewed builders and visited model homes.  Two of the homes that we visited displayed stellar workmanship and they were both built by R.J. Chevie!   The others paled by comparison.  Much of what we saw in an R.J. Chevie Builders’ home was their “standard” whereas with other builders, details like extraordinary carpentry, tile work, windows and flooring were priced as “extras”.  It was obvious as we looked at the R.J.Chevie model homes that this builder only hired the best sub-contractors to execute the finish work.
Since our original house was literally torn down and hauled off to the landfill, we watched the new house arise from a newly excavated basement footprint.  Every day at least one member of the Lewis family was at the site supervising.  The coordination effort proved effective.  There were never long delays.  As the sub-contractors began each of their responsibilities, we became increasingly impressed with the workmanship, attention to detail, commitment to quality work, integrity and friendliness of each of the contractors as they worked together with the Lewis family to construct the finished product.
The feedback we have received on our house is phenomenal.  Friends are impressed and always comment on the finish carpentry, the octagonal sitting room, the cabinetry and design of the kitchen and the spacious yet cozy feeling of the home.
R.J. Chevie Builders is a business that is run professionally with a hands-on personal touch.  Complete satisfaction of the customer is their primary concern and they spend the time to ensure that happens.  We could not be more pleased with our home and our fabulous building experience with R.J.Chevie Builders.
We extend our thanks to R.J. Chevie for making the painful experience of losing a house into an exciting and enjoyable journey of building a home that reflects our personalities and which we, our family and our friends enjoy immensely.”

~Chuck and Mary Jeanette

When I was considering renovating my basement last year, I began asking friends about local contractors they might recommend. A local company named RJ Chevie kept coming up. Finally, I decided to put my project out to bid. The quotes I received were very close to one another.  However, after hearing the wonderful reviews about R.J. Chevie, there was no question which contractor was going to get the job. Once I met with Dan Lewis of RJ Chevie, I knew I made the right decision. Not only was he courteous and attentive to what I had hoped for upon completion, he made sure it happened. I was impressed with how he made sure his subcontractors were efficient and clean throughout the project! Considering I was living in the house while the work was going on, I barely noticed them!

My project wrapped up under budget and ahead of schedule! And, their quality project is enjoyed daily by me and my family!”

Thanks, Dan, Tom and Butch!
~Stacy, Clintonville

“We would highly recommend RJ Chevie for any home remodeling need you have.  We knew when we bought our home in Clintonville that the kitchen was in need of a major makeover.  We had consulted an architect to redesign the space to make it more functional for our family.  We loved the design, but the quotes for renovating the space were not what we were expecting.  We brought the design to RJ Chevie, and they provided us with a more reasonable estimate and worked with us to make our dream kitchen a reality.  We found them to be very flexible to our needs; they addressed any concerns we had in a timely manner, and the experience of living through a major remodel much better than we expected.  The final product is a testament to their commitment to each customer.”


“RJ Chevie was great when we put our addition on our home. They were attentive to our wants and needs and helped us every step of the way. When we had questions they were there with the answers. They were also able to make changes along the way that helped us have exactly what we wanted.”



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