Consultation Services by RJ Chevie Builders

RJ Chevie Builders offers consultation services for every type of residential project.  Homeowners have a vision or idea of what they want the end product to look like, but need help in making their dream a reality. Our experience is invaluable by analyzing the problem or project and providing a course of action that is timely, efficient, and economical.  RJ Chevie can provide a scope of work, timeline of project, specifications to meet client wants and needs and budget to meet customer expectations.

We typically hear “we don’t know exactly what we want” or “we don’t know how to get started” or “how much will something like this cost?” RJ Chevie can provide valuable design ideas while keeping the affordability in mind. We are able to generate drawings with much input from the client.  We are also able to call upon reputable subcontractors to assess any and all situations.  Our engineer is available to evaluate all structural components of the job if needed.  No job is easy, but RJ Chevie Builders has the resources to develop and build any project in a timely and cost efficient manner.

RJ Chevie Builders offers :

-Evaluation of plans

-Review of job estimates

-Selection of quality subcontractors

-Review of all contracts including vital terms and conditions

-Regular on-site inspections

-Periodic cost and scheduled reviews

-Job completion and evaluation

-Warrranty coverage and incremental service points

-Builder discounts

Please contact RJ Chevie Builders today to see how this fee-based service may benefit you now or in the future.


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